Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any doubt regarding the online marketing let us clear your all the query through Frequently asked questions (FAQs) of our clients related to online marketing.

Q: What is SEO and What are its benefits?

A: SEO is an Online marketing technique which is used to increase the ranking of your website on the search engine so that you can get more business without paying on clicks.

The main benefits of SEO is that it provide long term business and long lasting results.

Q:What is Black hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

A: Black hat SEO is an bad practises which care used to boosting your website ranking for some time and after the results starts sinking. These practices includes keyword stuffing, duplicate content, link boosting etc. With the usage of these technique your website is also penalized by Google and moved to the sandbox where the chances of recovering is very low.

White hat SEO is an technique of increasing the website ranking according to the Google algorithms like Panda, Penguin, hummingbird and Pigeon by writing unique content with proper usage of keyword placement for getting top rankings.

Q: Which Online marketing Technique is best SEO or PPC?

A: Almost every client asks us this question. The answer is very simple. PPC (Pay per click) and it is used for instant business by running paid advertisements on Google, Bing and other search partners. In this you have to pay for clicks. It is mostly used at your peak season.

For Long term benefits and results SEO is the Right Approach. May be it takes time (3-4) month to rank all your keywords but after that results you got is very beneficial and fruitful to your business.

Q: Do Website Structure matters in SEO?

A: Yes, definitely structure matters most if your website structure is not as per the guidelines of search engines and even your website contain unique content you cannot get top rankings on the search engines. You structure includes heading hierarchy, code placing, meta keywords, Website Speed etc.

Q: What is the Role of landing page in PPC?

A: Landing Page is an one of the most common and most important factor in pay per click Ads. With the help of this you can not only increase the conversions but also increase the quality score and low your CPC (Cost per click). This page is specially designed to increase the conversions and return on investment (ROI).

Q: How Organic SEO is Different from Keyword boosting?

A: Keyword boosting is the technique which is used to boost the particular keyword/Phrase. Like if your have an educational institute related to SSC, PMT etc and your website is ranked on “PMT coaching”but not on best PMT coaching, top PMT institute etc.

In organic SEO your website or post can target these prefixes in single article and you can get more value for your content and website.

Q: Why local SEO is important?

A:  Local SEO is used for the local businesses like if you are owning an local business like hotel, travel and tourism then it is most beneficial. You can do local SEO by targeting location or through Google local listing and increase the ranking by getting five star rating, reviews etc.

And according to the Pigeon update the local businesses and local domains gets more value than .com domains. So that user can easily approach to them.

Q: What are latest updates made in Google Algorithms 2015?

A: As we all know that there are basically 4 algorithms of Google which are creating trouble for the black hat techniques. The updates are Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon. These algos have different role.

Panda 4.1: is also rolled out recently and now removing the thin and duplicate content.

Penguin 3.0: Removing the irrelevant and spammy back links. It provide clear idea to the black hat service providers that remove the spammy back links from the website otherwise they might gone to sandbox.

Pigeon update: This update is launched on July 2014 is started rolling out in UK, Canada, Australia and US. This algorithm is launched by the Google to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals.

Q: Why Prefer Online Marketing Company Rather than Freelancers?

A: According to us Company is the right choice for online marketing because they are registered, have the online as well as offline presence with proper infrastructure and you can visit them anywhere for any problem.

But this is not done with the freelancers. In most of the Cases they just take money in advance and run away without doing any work or do black hat SEO practices where the chances of penalizing website is more.

Q:How Much Time SEO and PPC takes for Results?

A: Mainly SEO takes 30-45 days to rank 5-7 keywords of your website on top business keywords according to the ethical way. And it takes 5-6 months to rank your website on unlimited keywords.

PPC don’t take much time it hardly takes 3-5 days for your ads showing on the first page of Google and for getting low CPC and High CTR it takes almost 10-15 days for optimization.

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